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How to Start Using Marketing Fundamentals




This article covers information on marketing fundamentals and we will be understanding how to use these to improve our digital marketing journey.
This article will be useful for bloggers, digital marketing professionals, freelancers, mentors, and entrepreneurs.

What is marketing?

Most of the people think that marketing is to generate leads and sell them a product.
But this is wrong the marketing is a bond between a seller and customer that should not be ended after a successful sale.
We should occasionally communicate with our customers so that they have a positive outlook towards us and do not ignore our emails.
We should share content which helps them to solve some problem so that they take our mails seriously.

Marketing is about sending right message to right person at the right time.

Digital Deepak

Components of marketing

  • Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Sales
  • Analysis

Understanding Marketing

The most important part of marketing is communication skills.
If I can explain my product to my audience properly through my words then it will be very easy to create an impact of that interaction and will help in generating sales in the future.

How Generate sales of 1 Crore

In the above example consider if we create a funnel to acquire 1 Lakh customers by spending 100rs each.
Then out of those 1 lakh customers, we can easily find 10,000 customers to buy a product worth 1000 which gives us 1 Crore worth of sales.
This is the best example of how funnel works and how to THINK BIG

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